Of Mars Bars and Microphones: My Symphony of Sounds

Sumara MeersGreetings, lovely souls! I’m Sumara, your charming voice from the heart of Australia. Let’s rewind the tape a bit, shall we? Picture a 10-year-old me, decked out in a big old floral dress with a couple of pillows tucked underneath, possibly a floppy hat atop, and my trusty black school shoes. The stage? A cozy carpet in a Kindy classroom. The audience? It might as well have been the Academy Awards; it was that kind of fabulous.

My Prelude: The Sweet Notes of Childhood

Amid the soft murmurs and encouraging smiles, I performed a whimsical ditty called The Skipping-Rope Hornpipe. And oh, the cherry on top? I munched on a Mars Bar while hopping and skipping with the rope, singing my heart out. It was a scene straight out of a heartwarming tale, one where every beat of my heart resonated with the rhythm of the melody, and every skip was a leap into the fascinating world of performance. How I wish I had a picture to immortalize that moment!

A Journey of Resonance: From the Stages to the Mic

That little escapade of melody and skipping ropes was the whispering dawn of a voyage into the realms of drama, acting, and eventually, the enchanting world of voiceovers. Over the 28 fabulous years since that humble debut, the stage expanded, the audience grew, but the essence remained untouched. The thrill of breathing life into a script, the joy of resonating with hearts through my voice, and the boundless skies of creativity, have been my companions through myriad stages, theatres, classrooms, and studios.

The Vocal Voyage: A Symphony of Scripts and Stories

Now, from the snug corners of my professional home studio, I extend my vocal chords to weave magic into your scripts. Be it a corporate video, an audiobook, social media campaigns, eLearning narration, telephone messaging, or the whimsical characters in animations and video games, every project is a new verse in this ongoing symphony. The genres may vary, the tunes may change, but the core remains the same – a heartfelt communication that strikes a chord.

Offering a Palette of Vocal Hues

Every script is a blank canvas, and with a palette of vocal hues, I paint it with emotions, intents, and nuances that make your message not just heard, but felt. Whether you seek the excitement of The Skipping-Rope Hornpipe, or the authority of a seasoned narrator, the fun of a quirky character, or the warmth of a comforting voice, I’m here to tune into your narrative’s unique rhythm and make it reverberate through the right chords.

I’ve worked with Sumara on several productions at East Coast Studio. She makes collaboration easy, never fails to have a positive approach to the content and successfully brings scripts to life with an energetic delivery, and gives rapid turnaround as an extra bonus! 

~ Martin Franklin, East Coast Studio.

Holy holy holy…I am gobsmacked and like a child!! You read that so brilliantly. I could feel your wish for it…like me…like so many of us. Goosebumps…total goosebumps. It’s like you are in my soul.

Asta Lander, Scottish Australian Artist, Poet & Animal friend.

Your Narrative, My Voice: Let’s Create Vocal Magic!

The chocolate bars might not make a comeback during the recording sessions, but the essence of joy, creativity, and a dash of fabulousness are ever-present. So, let’s join vocal cords and script sheets, and conjure up the fabulousness your project seeks. Shall we dance to the rhythm of your narrative?

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