What’s a voice without a personality to match?

The voice is a powerful tool. It has the power to engage, excite, educate and motivate your listeners. Whether you’re advertising a product, creating an explainer video, teaching a course or answering callers’ questions, you need to choose a memorable voice that pops. That’s where I come in. As an international voice actor, my job is to bring your text to life, communicating your message in a way that truly connects with your audience. Oh, and happiness is guaranteed.

Sometimes its nice to know you’re working with a human being and not just some voice-over robot somewhere in the interwebs… so I’ll introduce myself. I live in a big old small-town corner shop in the country (driving distance from Sydney and Canberra) with my partner, kids and cats. I regularly practice yoga and meditation and love reading, gardening, music and films.

In a fast-paced world where time is money, I know you need more than just a great sounding voice. You need a professional actress you can rely on. Someone who takes her work seriously but knows how to have a laugh.

I have always loved acting and the entertainment industry. Before I became a voice over artist I worked in many areas of the entertainment industry, from acting to stage managing and lighting operation through to teaching children’s drama classes and classes for adults with intellectual disabilities. I see voice acting as another creative outlet and invest myself fully in every single project. Your script matters to me and I make sure you absolutely love what I do with it.

I have a degree in theatre and have been taking courses at the NIDA Open Program over the last 20 years covering stage, screen and voice acting. My intro to voice acting was with the fabulous Ric Herbert and Amy Longhurst in Sydney, and in 2019 I had the privilege of working with VO superstar J Michael Collins for voiceover coaching and professional demo production. It won’t end there. I love learning and will never stop studying acting, voice techniques, accents and anything else that will help me to keep developing and refining my skills as a voice artist.

What’s happening downunder?

I love to share regularly on Instagram about voice acting, yoga, gardening and the good life. The latest ones are below. Please come and join me @sumara_meers


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