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Oh, But I Don’t Just Talk-the-Talk

I’m Sumara, an Australian voice actress with a neutral accent and warm, expressive voice. I’ll communicate your message in a way that truly connects with a global audience, no matter the tone or context… just like in my demos.

Most importantly, I’m here to make the process a breeze for you. Efficient, affordable and fabulous voiceover – no fuss!

I specialize in medical and technical eLearning, corporate video voiceover and strong female character voices for gaming and animation.

My clients will tell you about my voice acting talent, but also about how happy they were with the great communication, fast turnaround time, the skilful pronunciation of tricky terminology, and generally fabulous service.

As well as medical and corporate narration, I can help you with fabulous voiceover for TV, radio or online commercials, audiobook narration, IVR and voicemail messages, explainer videos, voice-over for training videos, promo videos, podcast intros, TV or radio imaging and live event announcement.

Check out my services page for all the colours of the voiceover rainbow.

My home voice over studio has had the full acoustic treatment and has been rated as “professional quality” by the Audio Ninja himself, Jordan Reynolds. Hardware includes my beloved microphones – a Shure KSM32 and a Rode NT2a – and the beautiful red Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 audio interface. Your files are edited and produced to broadcast quality using Adobe Audition software. Let me know if you’d like to direct me or take care of the processing yourself, connect with me live using Source Connect or ipDTL.

I’ll also bring to the table…

  • Down to earth, ego-free attitude
  • Ability to adapt and be directed
  • Nimble & efficient approach
  • Upbeat, friendly and open-minded personality
  • Slick systems and processes for a smooth turnaround
  • Natural intuition for bringing the right character or tone to the script
  • Excellent sight-reading skills

Let’s TALK

A Smooth Process Makes for a Fabulous Voice-over 

Here’s how it works.

1. Getting started

The first step is for us to have a talk about what you need, when you need it by and what it’s for. This will allow me to provide you with an accurate quote and ETA.

2. What will it cost?

I work out my pricing based on industry standards which are calculated using two main elements:

  1. The amount of work involved (length of recording, whether it needs to fit into a pre-made track, and whether you want to direct the session in real-time or not)
  2. Where it’ll be used (website, internet, television, radio etc) and for how long.

You can choose to either pay for a licence for a pre-determined length of time (and then extend it down the track if need be) or “buy out” the usage meaning you can use the recording indefinitely.

3. Before I hit record

Once I’ve presented you with a quote and my terms of service, you’ll need to agree in writing – usually return email is fine. If you would like an NDA signed at this point too, let me know.

Then you’ll provide the final version of your script (make sure it’s been approved by all decision makers) and if you’ve chosen to direct the session online, we can lock in a time. If I’m recording this without live direction, I’ll ask you to provide some notes on how you’d like the voiceover to sound. Depending on the project, we might decide that I’ll record a short sample to run by you to make sure we’re on the same page.

4. The big moment

The groundwork’s done so now I’ll hop into my studio and work my magic on your script, recording and editing it so we end up with a clean and polished broadcast-quality track that’s ready to be used in your project. Your editor or sound designer will love it too because it will be in a form they can work with easily.

This means:

  • clean, clear audio, edited and processed to your specifications
  • extra takes to give you options (for character voices or short scripts)
  • breaths removed (as needed to suit your script)
  • supplied as .wav, .mp3, or any other file type you need
  • delivered via email, Dropbox or Google Drive

5. Then what?

That’s all, folks! Well, most of the time.

On the very rare occasion that something isn’t right, I’ll make sure it’s fixed; your happiness is the most important thing here. If it was my mistake, I’ll obviously fix free it of charge and get it back to you quick smart. If words need changing, something’s added, or you change your mind on how you want it performed, I will charge a percentage of the original fee. Sound fair? Fab.

Let’s MAKE THIS HAPPEN today →

Australian Voice-over: What Are Real Customers Saying?

And now I’ll cede the floor and let my wonderful clients tell you how they’ve benefitted from my voiceover services:

You’ll have your project completed quickly…

Sumara was a life saver! Her timely work turn around and professionalism is second to none. Despite the tight deadline, she managed to get us the VO for a video we worked on within three days. Sumara will always be one of our go to people for everything VO related.

~ Ali Okailey, Sanctuary Labs

Thank you so much for the super quick turnaround! It has been a true pleasure working with you and I am already looking forward to the next project we get to work on together.

~ Jerry McCoy, Project Manager, Blue Sky eLearn

I got in touch with Sumara to record an e-learning course and we are very happy with the results. She is a very professional voice talent who meets your needs and deliver the final work very fast. I am sure we will work with Sumara again in the future!

~ Alex del Solar, WelcomeNext

You’ll hear your written words come to life…

Sumara perfectly captured the tone and the mood we wanted to achieve with our film trailer in her audition tape. We knew immediately we wanted her voice. We highly recommend her services!

~ Lorraine Varela, Independent film producer

Holy holy holy…I am gobsmacked and like a child!! You read that so brilliantly. I could feel your wish for it…like me…like so many of us. Goosebumps…total goosebumps. It’s like you are in my soul.

~ Asta Lander, Scottish Australian Artist, Poet & Animal friend

You read it so beautifully! You brought exactly the right amount of humour and ironic distance.

~ Maggie Burns, Author

You’ll enjoy on-budget, responsive and accurate voiceovers…

Sumara is a great voice talent and a professional freelancer. Has delivered great work, on time and on budget. Very recommended.

~ Igor Yurenkov, Carazo Enterprises

I worked with Sumara recently remotely for a Mondelez project. She was professional, flexible and very responsive. The job was done smoothly in time and client was quite happy. I have only good things to say about her. And I look forward to working with her in the near future!

~ Jasmine Huang, Producer at ID Creations

The voice recording was exactly what I wanted – first time. Difficult medical terms were handled perfectly. A great person to work with, amazingly fast turnaround and great service. My first choice for future work.

~ Carl Gibson, Department of Health

Very easy to work with and provided a really high quality end product. Thanks Sumara.

~ Clare Rhodes, Identitii

You’ll work with a professional who also knows how to have fun…

I had a lot of fun working with Sumara. She really brings the project to life! What to expect when working with Sumara – well, she will bring a full arsenal of different voices so you have a lot to choose from/work with. She will give you feedback. And lastly she’ll provide you with a fun experience that you’ll never forget. I would highly, highly recommend! Sumara, I hope we work again soon!

~ Brian Zabrycki, Buffalo You Up Podcast

Sumara is very professional and knew exactly how to narrate my book with just the right amount of expression in all the right places. Sumara’s skills were extremely well developed, carefully ensuring she fulfilled my request at all times. Her advice to me was so appreciated and very accurate. I would recommend Sumara for any narration that may be needed and I wouldn’t hesitate to employ her again.

~ Helen Townsend, Author, Violence in a Box

Let’s TALK

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