Q: How do we embark on this vocal journey?

A: The initial step is to engage in a rich dialogue about your project’s needs. We’ll discuss your requirements, the deadline, and the essence of the voiceover. This conversation allows me to provide you with an accurate quote and an estimated timeframe for your project’s completion.

Q: Is Sumara available for live-directed sessions?

A: Indeed, I am available for live-directed sessions. I cherish the collaborative dance with directors in real-time, delivering voiceover performances that truly resonate with the project’s spirit. These sessions can be conducted in person within a studio or remotely via Source-Connect or SessionLink Pro.

Q: What is your average turnaround time?

  • Average Turnaround Time: I’ve got a knack for quick turnarounds; you can expect your project back within a few hours to a day, give or take, based on how lengthy it is and where we are in the world, time zone-wise. For those nifty projects under 2000 words, I’m your 24-hour gal.
  • Handling Urgent Requests: Got a voiceover red alert? Hit me up with an email, direct message, or SMS, and I’ll be on it like lightning, giving you the lowdown on when I can get it done, what it’ll cost, and when I can jump into action. If it’s a quickie job and we’re in business hours, I can turn it around typically within the hour.
  • Business Hours Consideration: If you catch me during my Sydney business hours, and you need something pronto, I can often have it ready in just a few hours. Just remember, time zones can be tricky, so let’s sync our watches for those urgent projects.

Q: What is the format of the finished sound file?

A: I am committed to weaving broadcast-quality voiceover tracks. Each track is recorded with a meticulous touch, ensuring a polished final creation that’s a breeze for you to work with.

This entails:

  • Clear, clean audio, edited and refined to your specifications.
  • Additional takes to offer you a palette of choices (for character voices or short scripts).
  • Breath sounds are gently edited out to suit your script’s rhythm.
  • The audio files are crafted as 16-bit/44.1kHz, supplied as .wav, .mp3, or any other file type you desire, and delivered via email, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Should your sound engineer desire a different format or if you’d prefer me to handle the sound editing, I’m here to accommodate.

Q: What is the approach towards reworks or revisions?

A: Your satisfaction with the final voiceover is paramount. In the rare event something isn’t quite to your liking, I am committed to tuning it to perfection. If there’s an error on my part, I will promptly amend it free of charge. However, should there be script changes, additions, or a shift in the desired performance style post the initial recording, a portion of the original fee will be applied for the rework. This ensures fairness while maintaining the high-quality service you anticipate.

Q: How is the cost for your voiceover services determined?

A: Pricing harmonizes with industry standards and is sculpted considering two primary factors:

  1. The scope of the work, includes the length of the recording, whether it needs to align with a pre-existing track, and whether you prefer a live-directed session.
  2. The intended usage of the recording, such as its placement (website, internet, television, radio, etc.) and the duration of its use.

You have the option to either pay for a license for a predetermined length of time, which can be extended later if needed, or opt for a “buy out” of the usage, which allows you to use the recording indefinitely. This flexible approach ensures that you can choose the option that best suits your project’s needs and budget.

Q: What are the rates for your voiceover services?

A: As an independent voiceover service operating from a home studio, I can offer competitive rates without any additional agency or studio fees. All charges are in Australian Dollars, which is great for clients from the US, UK, or EU due to the current exchange rate. You can use the XE currency converter to convert $AU to your local currency for an estimate of the final pricing.

Here’s a gentle guide to my rates in Australian dollars ($AU):

  • Corporate and Explainer Video Narration: from $400
  • Medical Video Narration: from $500
  • eLearning Narration: from 35c per word
  • Medical eLearning: from 40c per word
  • Commercials: radio from $375, TV from $450, online from $590
  • Audiobook narration: $440 per finished hour
  • Long-form narration (e.g., documentary): from $1000
  • Telephone / IVR messaging: from $200
  • Character voiceover: indie gaming/animation from 25c per word; commercial gaming/animation from $300 per studio hour. Minimums apply.

For an exact quote and for other services such as live announcement, tour guide, promo, and imaging rates, feel free to reach out with as specific information about your project as possible. If you have a specific budget in mind, do let me know.