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I’m Sumara, an Australian voice actress with a neutral accent and warm, expressive voice. I’ll communicate your message in a way that truly connects with a global audience, no matter the tone or context… just like in my demos.

Most importantly, I’m here to make the process a breeze for you. Efficient, affordable and fabulous voiceover – no fuss!

Corporate Video & Audio Narration

Most people think corporate narration is all about sales and marketing videos, training videos or a video for board meetings. You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking this, but the corporate narrative is much broader. It includes:

    • Event video
    • An explainer video
    • Lobby viewing
    • Corporate education
    • Medical narration
    • On social media (non-paid)
    • Youtube content
    • Or just audio alone
    • It can be used for announcements at large conventions.
    • And it’s not just video; my voice can also be used for:
      • Phone prompts
      • Elevators
      • Kiosks

Explainer videos

An explainer video is a short, engaging marketing video that highlights the services and solutions of a company or explains the essential features of a product.

Sometimes a quick, easy, explanation is just what someone needs to understand how your product solves a problem.

Medical narration

I love big words. If you have a script about a thrombocytopenic purpura, cervical spondyloarthropathy or dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine – I’m your gal.

For medical and healthcare narration, you need a voiceover with confidence and authority, able to demonstrate your studies or products in the unique, technical language of medicine. Medical commercials, on the other hand, may require an empathetic tone, reassuring patients and family members. For example:

A video explaining blood pressure.

A video explaining germs and hand washing.

I can soliloquise about complex subjects using tongue-twisting terminology as if I discuss this subject every day before breakfast. Here is an example of medical narration using my Australian female voice.

Medical Narration:

Audiobooks: Children’s books, Fiction, Non-fiction, Self-help

There’s something so special about listening to an audiobook that’s narrated by a passionate, versatile voice artist who knows how to bring characters to life.

As an avid reader myself, I love books and understand what it takes to make an audiobook engaging, memorable and magical.

No matter the genre of your book and whether it’s written for children, teens or adults, I’ll work with you to capture the spirit of the text and create a living, breathing character that your listeners will fall in love with (or love to hate!)



The Me You We Tribe:

Violence in a Box:

Magic Finger (children):

Video Game Characters & Narration

Video game characters are complex. Like movie characters, video game characters are only as compelling as the actors who portray them. This is where my training and experience as an actor shines. Actors make characters memorable and help make the video game an immersive, interactive experience.

Characters & accents:

Commercial (humour):

For example, many video games are action-oriented and often include scenes that depict violence or death. I may be directed to “die” in a dozen different ways: being hit by a car, being stabbed, shot, hit on the head, blown up — each time it’s expressed differently so that each death sounds different. And while I deplore violence, in reality, trust me, this stuff is fun.

This is a play through of The Death Chantey where I voiced the main player character, Dr Lydia Nelson. See 1:17; 1:59; 5:03; 8:02; 9:30; 10:13; 10:56; 13:38 & 14:26.

What Are Real Customers Saying? 👀

And now I’ll cede the floor and let my wonderful clients tell you how they’ve benefitted from my voiceover services:

You’ll have your project completed quickly…

Sumara was a life saver! Her timely work turn around and professionalism is second to none. Despite the tight deadline, she managed to get us the VO for a video we worked on within three days. Sumara will always be one of our go to people for everything VO related.

~ Ali Okailey, Sanctuary Labs

Thank you so much for the super quick turnaround! It has been a true pleasure working with you and I am already looking forward to the next project we get to work on together.

~ Jerry McCoy, Project Manager, Blue Sky eLearn

I got in touch with Sumara to record an e-learning course and we are very happy with the results. She is a very professional voice talent who meets your needs and deliver the final work very fast. I am sure we will work with Sumara again in the future!

~ Alex del Solar, WelcomeNext

You’ll hear your written words come to life…

Sumara perfectly captured the tone and the mood we wanted to achieve with our film trailer in her audition tape. We knew immediately we wanted her voice. We highly recommend her services!

~ Lorraine Varela, Independent film producer

Holy holy holy…I am gobsmacked and like a child!! You read that so brilliantly. I could feel your wish for it…like me…like so many of us. Goosebumps…total goosebumps. It’s like you are in my soul.

~ Asta Lander, Scottish Australian Artist, Poet & Animal friend

You read it so beautifully! You brought exactly the right amount of humour and ironic distance.

~ Maggie Burns, Author

You’ll enjoy on-budget, responsive and accurate voiceovers…

Sumara is a great voice talent and a professional freelancer. Has delivered great work, on time and on budget. Very recommended.

~ Igor Yurenkov, Carazo Enterprises

I worked with Sumara recently remotely for a Mondelez project. She was professional, flexible and very responsive. The job was done smoothly in time and client was quite happy. I have only good things to say about her. And I look forward to working with her in the near future!

~ Jasmine Huang, Producer at ID Creations

The voice recording was exactly what I wanted – first time. Difficult medical terms were handled perfectly. A great person to work with, amazingly fast turnaround and great service. My first choice for future work.

~ Carl Gibson, Department of Health

Very easy to work with and provided a really high quality end product. Thanks Sumara.

~ Clare Rhodes, Identitii

You’ll work with a professional who also knows how to have fun…

I had a lot of fun working with Sumara. She really brings the project to life! What to expect when working with Sumara – well, she will bring a full arsenal of different voices so you have a lot to choose from/work with. She will give you feedback. And lastly she’ll provide you with a fun experience that you’ll never forget. I would highly, highly recommend! Sumara, I hope we work again soon!

~ Brian Zabrycki, Buffalo You Up Podcast

Sumara is very professional and knew exactly how to narrate my book with just the right amount of expression in all the right places. Sumara’s skills were extremely well developed, carefully ensuring she fulfilled my request at all times. Her advice to me was so appreciated and very accurate. I would recommend Sumara for any narration that may be needed and I wouldn’t hesitate to employ her again.

~ Helen Townsend, Author, Violence in a Box

Let’s TALK

Oh, But I Don’t Just Talk-the-Talk

The voice is a powerful tool. It has the power to engage, excite, educate and motivate your listeners. Whether you’re advertising a product, creating an explainer video, teaching a course or answering callers’ questions, you need to choose a memorable voice that pops.

That’s where I come in. As an Australian voice over artist with an international voice, my job is to bring your text to life, communicating your message in a way that truly connects with your audience. Oh, and happiness is guaranteed.

Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re working with a human being and not just some voice-over robot somewhere in the interwebs… so I’ll introduce myself. I live in a big old small-town corner shop in the country (driving distance from Sydney and Canberra) with my partner, kids and cats. I regularly practice yoga and meditation and love reading, gardening, music and films.

In a fast-paced world where time is money, I know you need more than just a great sounding voice. You need a professional actress you can rely on. Someone who takes her work seriously but knows how to have a laugh.

I have always loved acting and the entertainment industry. Before I became a voice over artist I worked in many areas of the entertainment industry, from acting to stage managing and lighting operation through to teaching children’s drama classes and classes for adults with intellectual disabilities. I see voice acting as another creative outlet and invest myself fully in every single project. Your script matters to me and I make sure you absolutely love what I do with it.

I have a degree in theatre and have been taking courses at the NIDA Open Program over the last 20 years covering stage, screen and voice acting. My intro to voice acting was with the fabulous Ric Herbert and Amy Longhurst in Sydney, and in 2019 I had the privilege of working with VO superstar J Michael Collins for voiceover coaching and professional demo production. It won’t end there. I love learning and will never stop studying acting, voice techniques, accents and anything else that will help me to keep developing and refining my skills as a voice artist.

I’ll also bring to the table…

      • Down to earth, ego-free attitude
      • Ability to adapt and be directed
      • Nimble & efficient approach
      • Upbeat, friendly and open-minded personality
      • Slick systems and processes for a smooth turnaround
      • Natural intuition for bringing the right character or tone to the script
      • Excellent sight-reading skills
My home voice over studio has had the full acoustic treatment and has been rated as “professional quality” by the Audio Ninja himself, Jordan Reynolds. Hardware includes my beloved microphones – a Shure KSM32 and a Rode NT2a – and the beautiful red Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 audio interface. Your files are edited and produced to broadcast quality using Adobe Audition software. Let me know if you’d like to direct me or take care of the processing yourself, connect with me live using Source Connect or ipDTL.

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I love to share regularly on Instagram about voice acting, yoga, gardening and the good life. The latest ones are below. Please come and join me @sumara_meers