Sumara’s voice is a canvas of sound, painting our project’s message with authenticity and engagement. Her reassuring tone for our e-learning module felt warm and approachable, while her ability to switch to an authoritative demeanor for instructional content was seamless. Sumara brought a tender, evocative emotion to storytelling, making the narrative resonate profoundly with our audience. Each word she articulated was a stroke of vocal artistry, enriching our project beyond expectations.

~ Avery Caldwell, Starlight Narrative Studios




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Airwick Ultimate Getaways

Sumara invites us to try the new Airwick Ultimate Getaways, her voice, soothing and inviting, becomes the unseen thread that ties the earthly reality to the distant, dreamy shores of the Amalfi Coast. It’s her articulate and mellifluous delivery that transforms a simple invitation into an enthralling call to escape the ordinary.

New Airwick Ultimate Getaways. Transports the alluring Mediterranean

Voices of Resilience: Unveiling New South Wales’ Path to Climate Adaptation

In the heart of New South Wales, communities are standing at the crossroads of climate adversity and resilience. This enlightening animation, narrated by the compelling voice of Sumara, takes us on a journey through the region’s recent trials of floods, bushfires, and storms. It showcases the groundbreaking efforts to fortify towns and cities against the escalating threats of climate change.

Through the inspiring narration of Sumara, discover New South Wales’ steadfast commitment to overcoming climate challenges.

Early Career Researchers and Climate Models

Sumara’s voice gracefully navigates through the intricacies of climate change, casting a spotlight on the crucial role of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) in this global endeavor. Her vocal timbre, imbued with a sense of earnest urgency and hopeful optimism, accentuates the pivotal narrative of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP), making the complex climate discourse not only accessible but emotionally resonant.

Early Career Researcher (ECR) animation for the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP)

Baz Luhrmann’s classic Aussie Tale

Sumara’s voice, a gentle yet invigorating breeze, echoes the quirky charm of a Wes Anderson masterpiece. The whimsy of every unexpected turn in the narrative is accentuated by Sumara’s vocal finesse, wrapping each word in a tender, playful embrace that beckons your heart to skip a beat, and leaves your soul yearning for another dance amidst the cinematic spectacle. Her vocal warmth blends effortlessly with the playful undertones, evoking a sense of playful allure as she leads you through a ballroom extravaganza of misadventures and meticulously crafted set pieces.

The Whimsical World of Strictly Ballroom

AI Empowerment: Working Alongside Machines, Not Against Them

The nuanced modulation in Sumara’s voice effortlessly conveys the depth of the transformative journey, adding a texture of empathy and understanding. Through Sumara’s articulate narration, the video transforms into a heartening narrative that echoes the promise of thriving co-existence between humanity and the marvels of artificial intelligence. Her voice, both tender and empowering, beckons the audience into a realm of contemplation, leaving a lasting resonance that emphasizes the hopeful message of the narrative.

AI Empowerment: Working Alongside Machines, Not Against Them

Medical Narration: Blood Pressure

The cadence of Sumara’s voice embodies a comforting authority, delicately illuminating the unseen peril narrowing Emma’s arteries, akin to the gentle yet persistent creaks in a weather-beaten radiator. Each phrase she articulates carries a harmonious blend of urgency and empathy, making the complex medical narrative resonate on a personal, human chord.

Medical Narration Voiceover Demo: Blood Pressure