Corporate Video & Audio Narration

Most people think corporate narration is all about sales and marketing videos, training videos or a video for board meetings. You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking this, but the corporate narrative is much broader. It includes:

    • Event video
    • An explainer video
    • Lobby viewing
    • Corporate education
    • Medical narration
    • On social media (non-paid)
    • Youtube content
    • Or just audio alone
    • It can be used for announcements at large conventions.
    • And it’s not just video; my voice can also be used for:
      • Phone prompts
      • Elevators
      • Kiosks

Explainer videos

An explainer video is a short, engaging marketing video that highlights the services and solutions of a company or explains the essential features of a product.

Sometimes a quick, easy, explanation is just what someone needs to understand how your product solves a problem.

Medical narration

I love big words. If you have a script about a thrombocytopenic purpura, cervical spondyloarthropathy or dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine – I’m your gal.

For medical and healthcare narration, you need a voiceover with confidence and authority, able to demonstrate your studies or products in the unique, technical language of medicine. Medical commercials, on the other hand, may require an empathetic tone, reassuring patients and family members. For example:

A video explaining blood pressure.

A video explaining germs and hand washing.

I can soliloquise about complex subjects using tongue-twisting terminology as if I discuss this subject every day before breakfast. Here is an example of medical narration using my Australian female voice.

Medical Narration:

Audiobooks: Children’s books, Fiction, Non-fiction, Self-help

There’s something so special about listening to an audiobook that’s narrated by a passionate, versatile voice artist who knows how to bring characters to life.

As an avid reader myself, I love books and understand what it takes to make an audiobook engaging, memorable and magical.

No matter the genre of your book and whether it’s written for children, teens or adults, I’ll work with you to capture the spirit of the text and create a living, breathing character that your listeners will fall in love with (or love to hate!)



The Me You We Tribe:

Violence in a Box:

Magic Finger (children):

Video Game Characters & Narration

Video game characters are complex. Like movie characters, video game characters are only as compelling as the actors who portray them. This is where my training and experience as an actor shines. Actors make characters memorable and help make the video game an immersive, interactive experience.

Characters & accents:

Commercial (humour):

For example, many video games are action-oriented and often include scenes that depict violence or death. I may be directed to “die” in a dozen different ways: being hit by a car, being stabbed, shot, hit on the head, blown up — each time it’s expressed differently so that each death sounds different. And while I deplore violence, in reality, trust me, this stuff is fun.

This is a play through of The Death Chantey where I voiced the main player character, Dr Lydia Nelson. See 1:17; 1:59; 5:03; 8:02; 9:30; 10:13; 10:56; 13:38 & 14:26.

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