Services Offered in Sumara’s World of Vocal Wonders

My voice has been described as warm, soothing, and empathetic, reflecting a comforting presence with a natural, human-like quality. This textured vocal charm is especially effective in Corporate Narration, Explainer Videos, Medical Narration, Audiobooks, and other services where a genuine, empathetic connection enhances the message being conveyed.

Sumara’s voice is a warm embrace in auditory form, a versatile tapestry that can narrate stories with a comforting cadence, or energize a promotional pitch with a vivacious tone.

~ Jordan Mitchell, Crimson Horizon Productions

Corporate Narration

Dive into the heart of your brand’s narrative with eloquence and precision. From engaging event videos, insightful explainer videos, lobby viewings, and corporate education pieces, to soul-stirring medical narrations, let’s make your corporate tales resonate.

Explainer Videos

Let’s simplify the complex, elucidate the obscure, and charm the minds with short, engaging narratives that spotlight your offerings or elucidate product features.

Medical Narration

Dance through the sophisticated lexicon of medicine with grace and authority. Whether it’s about thrombocytopenic purpura or cervical spondyloarthropathy, let’s narrate the science with a touch of human warmth.


Embark on an auditory adventure as we bring the pages to life. Children’s tales, fiction, non-fiction, or self-help, every genre is a new realm awaiting vocal magic.

Video Game Characters & Narration

Immerse into virtual realms with vivid characters and captivating narrations. Every ‘action’ and ‘cut’ is a step deeper into the game’s heart.


Unleash the power of voice in pitching your brand, weaving humor, sincerity, and charm into the narrative that sings to the hearts.

E-Learning & Educational Content

Ignite the flame of curiosity and understanding with narrations that foster learning and growth, making complex ideas accessible and enjoyable.

Voice Mail & IVR

Greet, guide, and ensure a pleasant interaction for every caller with a warm, friendly, and professional voice.

Animation & Character Voices

Let’s breathe life into animated realms, lending voice to characters that enthrall, amuse, and touch hearts.

Real Estate & Property Tours

Walk your potential buyers through properties with a voice that paints a vivid, inviting picture of possibilities.

Podcast Intros/Outros

Set the perfect tone for your podcast episodes with intros and outros that captivate and leave a lasting impression.

Let’s embark on a vocal voyage where your message not only reaches ears but dances gracefully into hearts. Your script, Sumara’s voice, and a symphony of possibilities await!

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