Dead Horses, Sweaty Dictators, Space Dreams and World Peace.

How’s it going over there, USA?Vote One the World Peace and Voiceovers Party

As I write, it’s mid-morning Wednesday 4th November here, and mid-afternoon Tuesday November 3rd in the Pacific states of the US. I woke up this morning thinking:

  1. I’m so glad I haven’t heard any news about the Melbourne Cup this year! Stupid horrible horse race.
  2. I wonder how the US election is going, and whether Thingo has brought in the military to lock away all the non-conservatives yet, so he can take over as the Supreme Leader he always wanted to be.

But then! I saw on Instagram that – of course! – another horse died after racing in the Cup.

So. Not sure how well that bodes.

Probably doesn’t bode anything, because it happens every year.

Oh hey, if you’re looking for a voice actress to help advertise your horse racing event…. I’m NOT your gal. No thanks.

Anyway, speaking of gambling on terrified, sweaty, awkward horsewhipped creatures… back to the US election!

I also won’t do voiceover for political campaigns. But I will talk about them on my blog, because dear friends and colleagues of mine in the USA have had their lives affected by political decisions made by their “leaders” and I hope that things change for the better for them, that’s all.

I just saw a livestream on youtube in which Thingo was repeating over and over “This is the most important election in history! Vote early, vote in person, don’t let them take your vote!” It was like a broken record. I could make a “remember records?” joke, but I actually only barely remember records myself. My childhood was cassette tapes, and I’m not nearly cool enough to have bought any vinyl when it came back into fashion…

And, like…. Okay, sure, it’s natural for human beings to think that anything involving themselves is extremely important. We all have egos. It’s just… my ego generally limits itself to imagining that I’ll be famous one day for being the lead voice actor in a hugely popular new Pixar movie or the world’s greatest new VR game, or… or… the voice of the computer system in the spaceship that takes humanity to Neptune! Dream big, baby!

Voice act your way to Neptune, baby.

Ahem. Point being, I don’t want to run the world. Or be the “leader of the free world” – wait, you guys don’t really still believe that stuff, do you? I can see how you may be the home of the brave – you definitely gotta be brave to live in that country some days! – but land of the free? Please tell me, American friends, that you have woken up to that patronising, patriotic pretence. (do you like how I smoothed over the insult with some lovely alliteration?)

I keep getting distracted!

So, I don’t want to run the world, I just want to be a super famous amazingly fabulous spectacularly talented mortgage-paying world-travelling voice actress. I don’t think I ask much. What I also want is for my friends and colleagues and their friends and family and, well, everyone, to be safe and loved and looked after by the people who have been nominated to do so.

So what I hope is that, at some point, American Presidents realise that It's cool to be kind, Mr and/or Madam resident!they are not in fact the most important people in the world (or even in the USA). And that other world leaders realise this, too. And that they all get their heads around the idea of actually looking after one another with kindness, compassion, open hearts and minds, and a lot less ego.

And World Peace, because why not.

Please comment below. I’d love to hear your amazing alliterative aspersions, also. But I’d REALLY love to hear your wishes for the world. Let’s send some positive vibes out into this crazy day!

Images by @andreyyalansky19, @nataliazera and @lukgen via Twenty20.

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2 comments… add one
  • Joshua Alexander Nov 5, 2020 @ 1:07

    Every time I read one of your fantastic blogs, I’m inspired and come away with a smile. You can always “hear” you through these, Sumara – and they’re lovely. Keep writing and inspiring!

    Citizen of the Land of the Kinda Free

    • Sumara Meers Nov 5, 2020 @ 15:56

      Thanks so much, Josh! 🙂 Hope you guys stay kinda free!

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