Look! New Aussie medical narration website!

Today in Sumara Land, I don’t have much of a blog post, but I do have some exciting news.

Are you excited?

I’m excited. 😀

I would like to introduce to you my brand-new-shiny, oh-so-fabulous….

Medical Narration website!


You’ve probably noticed, if you notice me at all, that I’ve been talking and posting a lot about medical narration. A lot of my voiceover is for pharmaceutical eLearning, medical training videos, online medical education, even healthcare commercials. 

So Reece, my very own web designer / SEO guru / IT guy / bearer of other useful and/or sentimental titles… came up with the idea of a new website specifically for medical narration, so people can search and find exactly what they’re looking for.


(Thanks Reece. 💗)

I’ve revamped my medical voiceover demo, and I also have a stack of new medical narration demo videos on my YouTube channel.

Sumara Meers medical narration voiceover. Photo by Alise Black.

You might also see, if you see me at all, that there are some new photos of me on the site and some of my socials and profiles… yes, that’s what I look like now. Older, wiser, less eyes, more mouth…

Those fab new branding photos are by Alise Black.

The universe has been telling me for the last few weeks, in its weird woo-woo ways, that this’ll be a year of growth and wealth for me. Will I grow my business, or an extra arm? Will I be wealthy in assets, or inappropriate DMs? Let’s find out.

New website, new photos, new plans and intentions for 2023. Told you it was exciting. 

(Oh and don’t worry, this site isn’t going anywhere. I shall continue to be daggy and silly and extra-fabulous here!)

Thank you lovelies, for visiting the new site and sharing in my medical narration adventure. 🙂

Images by Alise Black Photography.

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  • Joshua Alexander Jan 13, 2023 @ 1:01

    This WILL be a year of growth and wealth for you! And you know what? It’s going to be FABULOUS! 🙂 Oh – and I also really someday desire to also hold a similar moniker as “web designer / SEO guru / IT guy / bearer of other useful and/or sentimental titles”. Perhaps it will be “voiceover / coach / blogger / author / goofball / weirdface / pudgebutt / nerdling / bearer of other useful and/or sentimental titles.” I promise to work towards this end, because #goals

    • Sumara Meers Jan 13, 2023 @ 6:33

      Thanks Josh!

      I think “weirdface” as a name is an excellent goal, so definitely go after that. I suspect you’ve already achieved “nerdling”… are there still middle-earth swords in your voiceover studio? 😂

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