International English

My voice is different enough from US/UK English, but it’s not thick on the Australian accent, which makes it suitable for the International English market. It’s perfect for European, Asian and other international professionals who do not want US or UK accents for various reasons.

Corporate e-Learning mix:

‘Very’ Australian accent (and associations)

While my Australian accent is not thick, I can easily make it sound ‘very’ Australian, mate. In North America, the heavy Australian accent is most commonly associated with lightheartedness, sociability, adventurism, and laid-backness.

It makes sense that some companies want to create these associations with their brands by employing the Australian accent in their advertising.

Using my Australian accent will highlight to your audience, a desire for a less structured, scheduled, run-of-the-mill, everyday routine. The accent reminds us that the life they want to live is full of spontaneity, with loose expectations, and lots of fun.

Characters & accents:

Commercial (humour):

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