Explainer videos

Whether you are marketing a simple product or a complex piece of software, an explainer video with my voice can do a better job of telling your story.

An explainer video is a short, engaging marketing video that highlights the services and solutions of a company or explains the essential features of a product.

Sometimes a quick, easy, explanation is just what someone needs to understand how your product solves a problem. This format is very popular in corporate settings. Various companies have also started to deploy explainer videos as a key part of internal communication and have used it for onboarding, training purposes and presentations.

Examples of explainer videos include:

  1. Benefits video: work well on the cover of your website or landing page to introduce your product/service right away.
  2. “How To” videos: work well explaining specific topics in details.
  3. Demo videos: explain the details of a product or service.
  4. FAQ videos: answer all common questions. These can be updated as new inquiries are received.

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