Video game characters and narration

Video game characters are complex. Like movie characters, video game characters are only as compelling as the actors who portray them. This is where my training and experience as an actor shines. Actors make characters memorable and help make the video game an immersive, interactive experience.

Characters & accents:

For example, many video games are action-oriented and often include scenes that depict violence or death. I may be directed to “die” in a dozen different ways: being hit by a car, being stabbed, shot, hit on the head, blown up — each time its expressed differently so that each death sounds different. And while I deplore violence, in reality, trust me, this stuff is fun.

This is a play through of The Death Chantey where I voiced the main player character, Dr Lydia Nelson. See 1:17; 1:59; 5:03; 8:02; 9:30; 10:13; 10:56; 13:38 & 14:26.

This is Me And The Robot, where I voiced Major Thompson, the player character.

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