28 years of fabulous, and counting…

Hi! I’m Sumara.

I don’t have a picture to show you. But it was good.

When I was 10 years old, in Year 4, I performed a little ditty called The Skipping-Rope Hornpipe at school. I don’t remember if it was just one class or a whole-school assembly, but it might as well have been the Academy Awards; it was that fabulous. I wore a couple of pillows under a big old floral dress that my mum may have found at an op-shop, possibly a floppy hat, and probably my black school shoes. I sang the song while jumping rope on the carpet “stage” at the front of a Kindy classroom. And get this – I got to eat a Mars Bar while I did it. I told you it was great. Oh, if only I had a picture to show you.

Tell you what, I loved it. The freedom, the fun, the creativity… the chocolate. And ever since, I have loved taking a story or idea or script and getting up in front of people to make it come alive. To make myself come alive. (Woah, that is a totally daggy thing to say but it’s SO true!)

I’ve had some wonderful drama, acting, and voice teachers in the 28 years since that momentous occasion, and some fantastic experiences on stages, beside stages, in big theatres and tiny classrooms, in front of cameras and behind microphones. I still love it. I’m still a big show-off, given the right moment. And while my singing voice is the delight of all family members who have the privilege to witness my kitchen renditions of Piano Man, it’s my speaking voice that brings the good stuff these days.

I create fabulous voiceovers for your listening pleasure from the sound-treated comfort of my professional home studio. Corporate video, audiobooks, social media campaigns, eLearning narration, telephone messaging, animated characters, audio dramas, video games… (check out my Services page for more info!). I’ll admit, some voiceovers are not quite as much fun as the Skipping-Rope Hornpipe, but no one could live with that level of excitement, could they? I’ll give you exciting if you want it; I’ll give you informative, or educational, or reassuring, authoritative, persuasive, fun, friendly, conversational… it’s what I do.

Let me know what fabulousness I can help create for you!

I promise I won’t eat chocolate bars while recording.

Images by @Goga, @micos77, and @moptkcs via Twenty20.

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