Hello from Australian animal character land…

So, I’m narrating an audiobook this week, which is why you’ve probably missed me on social media (it’s okay, I know you miss me, you can admit it).

Today, I spent 55 minutes recording as a young Tasmanian devil. Followed by 35 minutes voice acting as a young magpie.

These characters, you may be surprised to learn, do not have my natural speaking voice.

Nor do the cockatoo, dingo, emu and possum children I will be recording tomorrow.

This is a super fun project, because it’s a lovely, important book – and because character voiceovers are awesome! AND, I get to make up all these new voices. (See last week’s post on “look what I get to do!”) This also involves fun research like looking up “Black cockatoo sounds” on Youtube.

However, it’s tough on the old voice box.

I am drinking lemon and ginger tea every few minutes, plain water in between, and you should see how many green apples I’m going through. (Did you know green apples help stop mouth noise when you’re speaking a lot? The large amount of acid flushes away mucous to avoid that sticky saliva noise which I’m sure sound engineers LOVE…)

It’s super important for voice actors to look after their voice, and you need to be especially vigilant during character work. Your poor lil vocal cords don’t know what’s going on!

I’m only halfway through the audiobook narration… well, 6 chapters out of 10 down as of right now… so I’m definitely open to all your fabulous suggestions about how to keep looking after my voice. Character voiceover friends, I want your secrets!

Meanwhile, I’m off to bring to life “Frill the Frill-Neck Lizard”. 😊

Images by @sweetadeline and @mppllc via Twenty20 and from nationalgeographic.com.au

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