Aussie voice over for corporate video & audio narration

Many industries traditionally dominated by male workers and voices benefit enormously from a female aussie voice over.

Typically people think corporate narration is sales and marketing videos, training videos or a video for board meetings. You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking this, but the corporate narrative is much broader. Voice-over can be used in an:

  • Event video
  • An explainer video
  • Lobby viewing
  • Corporate education
  • Medical narration
  • On social media (non-paid)
  • Youtube content
  • Or just audio alone
  • It can be used for announcements at large conventions.
  • And it’s not just video; my voice can also be used for:
    • Phone prompts
    • Elevators
    • Kiosks
  • Many organisations produce short documentaries: you can tell stories of the company’s founders, how they do what they do, the progress of company projects, or anything else you want the world to know.

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